Customer information on the Corona crisis:
At Meta-Vulk, the health of our employees, our suppliers and our trading partners is a top priority.
In the current situation, health and safety are our most important issue for our partners, our family members and ourselves, so we are striving to fully comply with and enforce the policies and guidelines issued by the government, WHO and national health authorities. This includes enhanced hygiene measures, regular disinfection, use of protective equipment, minimization of contact, avoidance of personal contacts and travel, absence of group meetings, and support the temporary use of the home office.
Beyond these limitations, we are fully at your disposal.
There is currently no supply shortage
However, the date of delivery may vary, either as a result of a restriction on trade in goods or of other regulatory restrictions. The situation can change anytime and in the short term, we are in constant contact with our suppliers and are in constant consultation with the current situation.
The most important thing now is to stay together, take care of each other, and ensure that the day-to-day routine can soon be restored.
We wish all our business partners a healthy stay for you, your family and your employees!