The floor of the stalls for different animals (boxes, gears, animal washes) must be found not only because they are exposed to a significant mechanical and chemical stress, but they also need to ensure the comfort and hygiene and safety of the horses. Unlike with a traditional floor covering that consists of concrete or asphalt, the special floor coverings – such as rubber – have to be slip-free, elastic, sound and thermally insulated.

It is an important argument for the use of rubber mats in the boxes, that we can reduce an amount of bedding, thereby also the amount of waste to be destroyed and this makes the animal husbandry more cost-effective. The special feature of the rubber flooring is in addition to its high mechanical stability and slip resistance, its waterproofness and its convenient and easy cleanibility, so it can be used even in animal transportation vehicles. The roll width of even 2 meters, the quick and easy adjustment and thereby the cost-effective apportionment.

Raw materila SBR
Hardness (Sh°A) 65 ÷ 74
Density (g/cm³) 1,39
Elongation at rupture (%) 170
Tensile srength (N/mm (Mpa) 5
Pattern H5 (Lenticulated bulge)
Lower surfacet textile printing / impression
Cartridge design possible
Colour black
Versed thickness 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 18mm
Versed width 1.000mm, 1.250mm, 1.650mm,
1.800mm and 2.000mm

stable-1 stable-2