The ramp mat with its special ribbing ensures secure, slip-free bustle of animals on steep slopes and ramps of trailers and horse transport trucks. The variety of tooth pattern and distinctive square cross ribs makes the pattern. It is sold in several versions (length / width).

Raw material SBR
Hardness (Sh°A) 65 ÷ 74
Density (g/cm³) 1,39
Elongation at rupture (%) 170
Tensile srength (N/mm (Mpa) 5
Pattern alternation of the finer main part pattern and the distinctive, square cross ribs
Lower surface plain
Cartridge design none
Colour black
Versed thickness (rib length) 1.250mm, 1.400mm, 1.800mm, 1.900mm, 2.150mm és 2.400mm
Versed width 1.200mm, 2.000mm

ramp-1 ramp-2