Ever since the Earth occupied its place in the universe our planet has been on a constant move. Nature and the human kind have been trying to establish and maintain a peaceful coexitence but Man himself, with his technical gadgets, creates the greatest obstacle to a harmonious symbiosis. Right from the invention of the wheel everything runs and moves, knocks and jolts, thumps and thuds, strikes and strucks, smashes and clashes, shakes and crashes, whangs and bangs, bumps and dumps, hits, wobbles, shocks and quavers – and above all: vibrates… under the surface and on the face of our beautiful and only Globe. Man has obtained almost everything but had lost the precious treasure of the innocent times – silence…

We can help you to regain this invaluable asset as we can provide you the answer – the silent solution is at your reach: Meta-Vulk Kft.

The world is in motion – so are we.

Meta-Vulk, Hungary offers a vast variety of high quality technical rubber products – moulded rubber, rubber-to-metal bonded items and extruded sealing profiles: from vibration dampers to machine-feet, from cable lead-though to door stops, from pipe holders to truck bumpers.

Automotive, household and heavy industry, building – and machine building industry, aerospace, military, naval, rail, road, mining industry are among our valued customers.

Make your choice from our standard program or honour us with your specific inquiry – we would be pleased to offer a solution from our product groups made of NR, SBR,NBR, EPDM, CR or SILICON with a hardness range of Sh 25 – 90.